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Utah Democratic Progressive Caucus

The Utah Democratic Progressive Caucus

Our Mission:

The members of the Progressive Caucus of the Democratic Party of Utah envision a future that includes a thriving ecosystem, equality and justice for all individuals, a society free of violence and poverty, and robust community based economies built on diversity and sustainability. We envision a sympathetic government representative of the diversity of its citizens which addresses human need. We seek a government that is open and responsive, and free of corruption from special interests and corporate greed.It is our purpose, through grassroots efforts, to create the political foundation that is required to enact laws that will allow us to structure and achieve this vision. It is our mission to create the network necessary to identify, foster, and elect candidates so that we may have a voice in creating the political agenda and passing laws at all levels of government.We will seek to create an inclusive political environment, reaching out to all people, by presenting our mainstream values. We will embrace our values and conduct ourselves within the context of those values in all of our endeavors.

Who we are:
Leon Johnson
and Laura Bonham
Co-Vice Chairs:
Crystal Young-Otterstrom
and Joel Otterstrom

Board Members:

Calendar Chair: June Taylor
Recruitment Co-Chairs:
Dave Rowland and Susan Delegge
PDA Spokes Council Representative:
Dave Rowland
Outreach Coordinator: Bill Lee
Virtual Outreach Coordinator: Lori Taylor

Contact Information:

Laura Bonham: clbonham@allwest.net

Leon Johnson: lfromutah@netzero.com

Click HERE to visit our Website!

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Recently Updated
Green Revolution - Ideology Holding America Back Last Updated on 2009-12-10 10:03:00 American competitiveness is severely hobbled by our "free market" and anti-government attitudes. One way our competitors hold us back is by encouraging this outdated ideology. Result: other countries have national economic/industrial strategies and we don't. So we lose. Remember how "chips" was a major driver of the economy in the 80s and 90s? Then the Internet drove the economy late 90's and early 2000s? The world understands that "green energy" is the next big industry that will drive the world economy. Actually, the rest of the world has understood this for some time and has been investing and inventing and innovating and building. Meanwhile over here America's big oil and coal companies bought themselves a Presidency and an anti-government ideology and a climate-change-denial industry that has cost us 8 years and counting. Now we're playing catch-up, and the rest of the world is... More »
Al Gore fights back against climate change deniers Last Updated on 2009-12-09 12:43:39 As world leaders convene in Copenhagen for the global climate conference, Former Vice President Al Gore has been making the interview rounds pushing back on "ClimateGate" and promoting his new book , Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis. In a wide-ranging interview with Slate, Gore talks about environmental policy, why the Copenhagen meeting matters, and the hacked climate science emails. The emails, Gore stresses, were "taken wildly out of context" and the uproar surrounding them is "sound and fury signifying nothing." His frustration with the hacked-email fallout is palpable. "The basic facts are incontrovertible. What do they think happens when we put 90 million tons up there every day? Is there some magic wand they can wave on it and presto!--physics is overturned and carbon dioxide doesn't trap heat anymore?" Gore asked, and pressed his point harder: "And when we see all... More »
New alliances between labor, greens and big business emerging Last Updated on 2009-12-04 10:21:33 The transformation of America’s environmental movement began, as ex-United Steelworkers board member David Foster recalls, in late 2004 in a borrowed conference room at a table surrounded by union officials, top aides and the always-present group of Washington assistants.   “We’re in this together,” Foster remembered Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope and Frances Beinecke, head of the Natural Resources Defense Council, telling USW President Leo Gerard.   About the same time, another group of environmentalists began networking with equally unlikely partners.   Jonathan Lash, president of the World Resources Institute, asked General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt to help lobby for a national climate policy. The dialogue they launched eventually became the basis of legislation now in Congress to cap greenhouse gas emissions.   “We had been lobbying for what... More »
Students Over Banks Last Updated on 2009-12-03 09:20:12 President Obama has a plan: End a program that gives banks wasteful subsidies on student loans and use the savings--as much as $87 billion over 10 years--to help students pay for college. Unfortunately, bank lobbyists are pressing Congress to kill this common sense reform. So what do you think? Should we give more money to banks, or should we invest in students? Learn more >>   More »
What Ever Happened to the Good Times the Tax-Cutters Promised? Last Updated on 2009-11-23 00:00:00 You don’t have to dig particularly deep, in the United States today, to find some striking similarities between today’s virulently anti-Obama “Tea Party” crowd and the media darlings who birthed the “Tax Revolt” phenomenon back in the late 1970s. The Tax Revolters burst onto the national scene amid an inflation-battered economy. They blamed “big government” for what ailed America, and they offered a simple remedy: cut taxes. Lower taxes, they promised, would get average Americans back on track. The Tea Party zealots have, like the Tax Revolters, also coalesced in tough economic times. They attack “big government,” too. They even make the same promises about taxes. But the Tea Party types, so far at least, haven’t scored any early political success. The Tax Revolters did. In 1978, in a ballot-box stunner, they passed a statewide initiative in California known as... More »